Musafia Momentum Z Oblong Violin Case

  • £720.00

With all the same features of the Musafia Momentum, the Z Series offers colorful, bold, and stylish high-fashion interiors that will stand out in a crowd. Master case craftsman Dimitri Musafia has created the Musafia Momentum to the highest standards of Musafia quality, and in a much more compact and ultra-light package. With the violin centrally placed inside the Momentum, the resulting opening of space has created even more storage. And, this has been accomplished without compromising instrument safety, due to two structural load-bearing partitions integrated into Musafia's monolithic impact absorbing system. 


  • Cordura Black Fabric Cover
  • Teflon treated Cordura
  • Subway Handle
  • Suspension System
  • Four Bow Holders
  • Extra Long Vapor Tube
  • Deluxe Analog Hygrometer
  • Hinged Accessory Compartments
  • Shoulder Rest Holder
  • Double-action Sekur Safety Lock
  • 2.8kg
Please note that the pictures in the listing are a demonstration of the case style and the colours do vary. Please select your chosen exterior and interior on the drop down menu.