Musafia SuperLeggero Oblong Violin Case

  • £695.00

The SUPERLEGGERO is an extremely functional and elegant case line that offers artisan quality and care at the price of many industrially-made cases.

First introduced in 1986, the SUPERLEGGERO has been perfected over the decades to combine the classic design, safety and quality of the more expensive Musafia cases for those who prefer a tasteful but not ostentatious case.


  • Closed accessory box(es) for mutes, tuning fork, etc.
  • Continuum High Tensile 6-ply laminate construction with monolithical impact absorbing structure 
  • EnCase construction feature with improved resistance to side impact
  • Replaceable Cordur nylon waterproof cover with full-sized music pouch, padded on underside.
  • YKK zippers.
  • Teflon treatment to reduce wear and scuffs
  • Interior fully-lined and padded with suede-like Royale
  • Spring-loaded locking bow holders
  • Rosin dust-resistant bow ribbons with Stradivari "Sunrise" inlay motif
  • Musafia hygrometer
  • humdifier system with new, highly effective Dimus II multi-filament humidifier
  • Padded blanket and string tube
  • Two carrying straps for normal and backpack use, including rugged through-bolted carrying strap attachments
  • Oversized, comfortable leatherette padded handle
  • Subway strap
  • Sekur double-action safety lock.
  • 2.5 kg.
Please note that the pictures in the listing are a demonstration of the case style and the colours do vary. Please select your chosen exterior and interior on the drop down menu.