Cecilia (Andrea) Sanctus Rosin

  • £56.00

Sanctus is the newest rosin from Andrea launched in January 2018 for the 10 year anniversary of Andrea rosin under the direction of Peter Bahng. Sanctus is a unique formula that combines two separate parts in a single cake of rosin. The inner core is a newly enhanced formula based on Andrea's Solo rosin. It is physically softer and thicker whereas the outer part is formulated to have harder and drier characteristics to generate a balance of sound. The outer core also serves as a protective barrier for the soft center formula of the rosin.The main base is hydrogenated to have excellent oxidation resistance ensuring constant quality performance throughout the life of the rosin. Andrea continue to hand pour the rosin into moulds making the process even more challenging.


Available in one size for Violin, Viola and Cello.


Please note this rosin is now rebranded as Cecilia but is otherwise unchanged in its formulation. While we transition from the old packaging to the new, you may receive either "Cecilia" or "Andrea" depending on stock levels.