The Strad Magazine July 2021

The Strad Magazine July 2021

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Carlo Bergonzi 1735 ‘Baron Knoop’ violin: The Heir Apparent

Born almost 40 years after Stradivari, Carlo Bergonzi completed several of the master maker’s instruments after his demise. Andrea Zanrè shows how his ‘Baron Knoop’ violin of 1735 displays an unmistakable personality despite the influence of Stradivari and his contemporaries

Carlo Bergonzi 1735 ‘Baron Knoop’ violin: Measure for measure

Rudolf Hopfner explains how the vast majority of measurements for The Strad ’s latest poster were taken from micro-CT scans of the ‘Baron Knoop’ Bergonzi

Bach Solo Violin Sonatas: At heart a fugue

Three centuries ago, Bach had completed his set of six Sonatas and Partitas for solo violin. In the first of two articles, Lewis Kaplan, senior member of the Juilliard School faculty, discusses interpretation of the three sonatas with reference to Bach’s autograph score

Villa-Lobos and the cello: A voice for Brazil

Heitor Villa-Lobos began his musical career as a cellist and wrote numerous works for the instrument, including the monumental Second Cello Concerto. However, his primary interest lay in promoting the folk traditions of his Brazilian homeland rather than advancing the cello’s virtuoso repertoire, writes Felipe Avellar de Aquino

Session Report: Waxing Lyrical

Violist Timothy Ridout’s recording of Schumann and Prokofiev transcriptions was the perfect opportunity to reconnect with a favourite vocal work from his childhood, as he tells Toby Deller

Violin making schools in China: The way of the future

In the second of two articles on violin making in China, Sisi Ye examines the schools teaching the art of lutherie to young people, where tuition can last up to ten years and a grounding in music theory is essential