Hidersine Reserve 21 Cello Rosin

  • £19.95

Based upon a revolutionary new production technique and using only the finest ingredients, Hidersine Reserve21 is an exquisite handmade rosin for violin and cello. Among the ingredients are WW-grade Brazilian resins and British beeswax, which when carefully combined deliver a fabulously low-dust, high grip playing experience.

Reserve21 for Cello is a dark rosin with a medium formulation, specially designed for the cello’s thicker string diameter. Each Reserve21 rosin is presented as a 30g cake poured onto a beautiful, hemmed microfibre cloth encased within a custom velveteen drawstring bag. Each bagged rosin is packed into a Reserve21 individual box.

Made in England using an Artisanal process of hand-mixing and hand-pouring.