Musafia Aeternum Violin Case

  • £995.00


Musafia Aeternum violin case is a innovative new case line for the professional musician inspired by a classic design from the 1700s. Thanks to it's unique computer-assisted design with asymmetrically-set instrument, the new case is considerably lighter and smaller than previous models, yet affords twice the room inside for accessories. Linear surfaces reduced to the minimum, as well as cross-members with bolted-through steel L-reinforcements, provide unprecedented strength.

This new series is called "Aeternum" (pronounced eh-TEHR-num and which means "eternal" in Latin) and culminates 14 years of research. The first Musafia case with the offset violin in fact dates to 1987, while a number of prototypes with the elliptical shape were made as early as 1985. Most of them were however destroyed in "crash-testing", i.e. subjecting the case to severe impact from the outside in order to study the damage effects and determine the weak points. This testing includes even releasing a case onto a roadway from a Porsche speeding at 100 M.P.H. (160 km/h). As a result, we believe the Aeternum is one of the safest cases yet to come out of our Cremona workshop.

Six-layer plywood is used for the frame with the Continuum High Tensile method, which is designed to support a load of 100kg (220lbs).(Value quoted relative to violin model during testing only. Other case models may have different resistance values).

The interior is made of finest plush silk velvet coordinated with suede-like Royale, while the case cover is made out of practical Cordura® nylon (now with Teflon® treatment against scuffing), tested for long-term resistance to sun rays and weathering on a California roof-top. Most metal parts are gold-laminated for resistance to corrosion.

 Weight - 2.8kg

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