Musafia Aeternum Violin Case

  • £1,445.00

Musafia Aeternum violin case is a case for professional musicians inspired by a classic musafia design from the 1700s. This case is considerably lighter and smaller than previous models..


  • Weight 2.8 kg
  • Cross-members with bolted-through steel L-reinforcements for unprecedented strength
  • Storage compartments for accessories
  • Six-layer plywood frame- Continuum High Tensile method
  • Case withstands 100 kg impact
  • Plush silk velvet with suede-like Royale
  • Cordura® nylon exterior
  • Gold laminated metal fixtures to avoid corrosion
  • Subway handle
  • Rucksack straps
  • Stylish blanket
  • Hygrometer


Please note that the pictures in the listing are a demonstration of the case style and the colours do vary. Please select your chosen exterior and interior on the drop down menu.