Musafia Luxury Ultralight Violin Case

  • £1,250.00

 Luxury Ultralight violin case provides exceptional protection while only weighing 2.5 kg. Hand made in Italy by Musafia, the Luxury Ultralight is made of 6-ply wood laminted with monolithic impact damping system.

  • EnCase design for improved protection
  • Reinforced base for improved protection against potential damaging surfaces
  • Water resistant cordura nylon sheath with underneath padding
  • Teflon treated
  • Interior lined and upholstered with finest plush velvet and satin
  • 4 bow holders
  • Hygrometer and Dimus II Humidifiers
  • Flexible string tube
  • Large accessory compartment
  • 2 Straps, which can be used as shoulder or backpack straps
  • Oversized leather handle
  • Subway handle
  • Sekur double safety lock
  • Outside dimensions: 76 x 23.5 x 13 cm

    Please note that the pictures in the listing are a demonstration of the case style and the colours do vary. Please select your chosen exterior and interior on the drop down menu.