Dominant Pro Violin Set

Dominant Pro Violin Set

  • £85.65

The newest string release from Thomastik, Dominant Pro are exceptionally powerful, have a good balance between brilliance and warmth, offer a broad range of sound colours and supports the radiance of the instrument in the long term. Offering soloists a very high level of dynamics, character, immediate reaction with a focused sound core and high resistance to bow pressure. 

The E string has a protective layer of nickel which is placed between the outer coating of tin and the steel core in order to increase the corrosion resistance compared with conventional tin-plated E strings. 

The winding of the A string was designed to have more tonal core and energy in the keynote. It projects sound beautifully and also responds very well in pianissimo with a consistently high capacity for modulation.

The D-string is the violin’s leading string. Accordingly, it has a very strong influence on the remaining strings in all aspects of play. With the help of a novel silver alloy, Thomastik were able to combine the advantages of a silver string with those of an aluminium string in the dominant pro silver D while also eliminating their drawbacks. 

The Dominant Pro G string is a good fit for old and new instruments. Due to the slightly increased string tensions. It offers increased resistance to bow pressure without putting too much strain on the instrument. The new string feels soft beneath the fingers but stands out with its high resistance to bow pressure with an extreme capacity to sustain sound and outstanding radiance. 


E- Tin Plated Carbon Steel Core- Medium Tension- Removable Ball End

A- Aluminium Wound / Synthetic Core- Medium Tension

D- Silver Wound / Synthetic Core- Medium Tension

G- Silver Wound / Synthetic Core- Medium Tension