Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Gold Cello Set

Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Gold Cello Set

  • £236.65

The elegant sound of Evah Pirazzi Gold cello strings are clear, full and with character. These new steel strings provide a variety of overtones with great projection without any metallic sharpness. They are extremely responsive and react quickly over the entire dynamic range. With their reduced playing-in time the instrument achieves its full sound spectrum in no time. Also suitable for electric or electrically amplified cellos.

Each Evah Pirazzi Gold cello string has its own individual character and at the same time their interplay generates a wonderfully harmonious set. 

Beginning with a smooth and rich spectrum of sound colors, the A-string has a warm and silvery sound that will easily satisfy the expectations of soloists.The A- and D-strings have a high-tensile steel core and are wound with a precision chrome steel flat wire. The D string is full of charm, brilliance and lightness. The seamless transition to the G-string adds a further nuance that can be heard: The sound becomes very grand and develops an impressive radiance – even straight after stringing. Vibrant and resonant the C-string was designed to provide the player with a focused direct sound that will inspire and at the same time bring this set to its powerful completion.

A- and D-Steel core / Chrome steel wound
G- and C-Rope core/ Tungsten wound

Medium Tension.