Larica "Liebenzeller" Rosin

Larica "Liebenzeller" Rosin

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Larica Metal Rosin has gained a well known reputation as a high quality rosin. The Metal rosin is made using traditional methods, carefully created by hand. Larica rosin gives a large, radiant and smooth sound from the bow.

Before the first application, clean the bow with a cotton cloth to remove old rosin. Use Larica rosin more sparingly than ordinary rosins and clean the strings with a cotton cloth. If too much rosin is used, the bow doesn’t grip as well, and less tone is produced.

The Gold ingredient gives a full, harmonious, warm yet clear sound. It is most suited to give the instrument a variety of colourful tones.

The scale of hardness for rosin ranges from I-VI describes the hardest to softest. For most instruments, there are two grades of hardness to choose from.
The softer grades essentially help the hard and sharp sounds of an instrument produce a milder and nobler tone quality. The harder grades can bring more clarity and exactitude to a softer tone. 

Please select the grade for your own instrument.